VSC bearings

VSC bearings used for dry cement, fly ash, grinded slag, limestone powder and other abrasive materials are designed with easily exchangeable standardized wear linings. The wear linings are manufactured from top quality tungsten carbide. The wear linings can be easily exchanged without removing the shaft, which means that bearing renewal downtime is kept to a minimum.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Easy to adapt the shaft and holder to fit any screw conveyor
  • Easily exchangeable wear parts for minimum downtime


The bearings are manufactured from top quality tungsten carbide (EU origin) using latest CNC machines and then diamond grinded for highest finish and tolerances.

Manufacturing limits:

  • Diameter up to 620 mm
  • Length up to 2000 mm

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Door-to-door delivery service

Door-to-door delivery service

We offer integrated logistics services to all of our clients. Spare parts will be delivered onboard your vessel, to your agent or any other consignee at a very competitive price. All parts are packed according to EU laws and regulations for shipping to 3rd countries. Our parts were shipped to: Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, The Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia. 

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